Use the best technology to achieve the financial objectives.

Modern software ensures comfortable and productive work

A wide range of tools for making money on the stock market

Make money trading securities, stocks, bonds, investment units and futures

Making balanced and sound decisions becomes easier

A team of experts will become your reliable assistant during trading on the financial markets

Start trading with confidence, using the most of the offered tools

Stay diversified

You can choose from a wide range of instruments: CFD contracts, stocks, bonds, investment units, options, and futures

No hidden charges

We give you the opportunity to make transactions, cash out the account and replenish the deposit account free of charges

Safety First

Data is protected with two-step verification and fraud detection tips

Best deals

We help in finding the best available prices for shares, options, and combinations on exchanges and in dark pools.

New Opportunities

Use a unique order type that matches your trading strategy

Detailed statistics

Get margin calculation, trade details, real-time cost analysis

Fast access to a variety of trading tools

Choose tools that fit your strategy and goals

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Define your goals on your own or with our advisor

We will manage investments for you

Our employees are ready to discuss your financial plans and build a personal development strategy.

You will get a ready-made portfolio that is monitored and rebalanced by professionals. Monitor the performance, make changes and add new targets whenever you want.

A unique investment portfolio tailored to your goals and interests

We automatically diversify our investments and rebalance your portfolio without your involvement

Our team of analysts will advise you and provide expert advice if you want to make adjustments

We'll estimate when your choice will not match your preferred level of risk

Why X Trading Broker?

24/7 access to our support team

Educational video content that will reinforce your knowledge of high-stakes trading

Communication with analysts on a specific transaction or general questions about stocks and exchange-traded funds

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Regular publications on the platform: technical and fundamental analysis, trend spotting and breaking news briefs

Cross-browser and multi-language platform with a carefully designed interface for ease of use

The secure login system uses 128-bit TLS encryption to establish secure communication and to guarantee the confidentiality and security of information

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We have worked with more than 300,000 investors in 10 countries over the course of our work


Our team is always ready to implement your financial goals